Everdome Experience

A Metaverse Experience For All

Join a community of digital pioneers to create, connect and interact across our immersive virtual world.


Everdome Spaces

Create in the Metaverse

Experience the connectivity of engaging and interactive destinations with easy to use metaverse toolkits.


Everdome’s Project

Learn about Everdome’s World

Find out more about Everdome’s project and our mission to redefine human connection in a new digital age.

Our Users

A Better Digital Future for All

Everdome builds the foundations for a better digital future accessible to everyone.


Experience interactive media, develop new social connections and engage with brands in a whole new way


Grow audiences for your ideas and concepts across a new medium for engagement


Bring your brand into the future with interactive experiences to attract next-gen audiences and engage followers in a more personal way


Benefit from the power of ownership, community and earning embodied by Everdome’s web3 economy

Metaverse Essentials


Essential features for easy metaverse exploration and creation


Easy to use metaverse platform and toolkit for creating interactive digital spaces in a matter of minutes


All areas of Everdome feature full avatar interactions, supported with voice and text chat


Personalize your corner of the metaverse by adding your own mixed media across your space


Leverage Everdome’s web3 community and economy to build new revenue streams with your metaverse presence

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Our Ecosystem


Discover more on Everdome’s $DOME token, our Genesis NFT Collection, Everdome City NFT lands and the ecosystem fueling our digital community and civilization.

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Our Metaverse Environment

Everdome’s Digital World

Based in a digitally imagined future Martian civilization, Everdome creates a unique metaverse environment fostering creativity, exploration and community.

Connect with others, visit our experience and create your own metaverse footprint as you explore a new digital medium.

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