Our Journey

About Everdome

Pioneering a new medium for human connection, using immersive computing, blockchain and cryptocurrency to build a metaverse platform for users to create, connect and grow inside a unique, interactive environment.

Our Mission

We pioneer interconnected digital experiences to inspire imagination while enabling users to create their own destinations inside our experience environment.

By integrating innovative technologies and creative development, we push the boundaries and possibilities of the metaverse, empowering individuals, brands and projects to imagine, create and connect in new ways - fostering a new sense of community and belonging.

Our Product Vision

Building a hub for digital discovery, experience and creation, combining interactive destinations with tools enabling creators of all types to create their own unique worlds inside a metaverse environment.

Everdome acts as a network platform for brands, creators and users in the metaverse. We build an environment as a venue, tools for creators to express their own vision, while providing marketing power to attract and engage visitors across all elements of our platform and the entirety of the internet.

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Our Goals

OKRs and Roadmap

Everdome is committed to transparent communication of our goals and vision.

Our roadmap is based on five key business goals, with every action and milestone pushing our project towards a sustainable future.

  • Stability & scalability

    Ensure product stability, scalability and ease of use

    Merging spaces into Everdome City HQ Environment

    Improving tech-stack and infrastructure

    Environment Patching

    Stats of spaces usage for creators

  • Engagement

    Increase in-world engagement & deliver a feature-rich environment

    New HQ experiences and areas introduced

    Themed games introduced in HQ

    Creator toolkit delivered - additional assets, colors & more

    Space management features for Spaces - including password protections

    New & improved avatars

    New spaces types

    AI functionalities added

  • Reach & Visibility

    On-board major global and industry partners as part of wider marketing strategy and product use-case demonstrations

    Tier-1 exchanges

    Targeted Marketing initiatives

    Growing Community across Development Markets

    Targeted Partner Acquisition

    Spaces Marketing & Theme Weeks

  • Economy

    Introduction of financial/economic model for Everdome

    Revenue Models Testing

    Staged Platform Economy Rollout

    Creating the model and foundations for hybrid payment options

  • Into the future

    Introduction of multi-year strategy

    Introduction of AI & IP strategy & coming capabilities

    2024 to focus on building foundations, testing alpha releases and validating use cases

    2025 to focus heavily on growth, user acquisition, and creator/owner revenue generation features and models

    2026 highly focused on scaling revenue generation capabilities for creators, owners, and Everdome

Disclaimer: We work in a very dynamic space with fast changing technology. Therefore, our roadmap is not a comprehensive list of all upcoming features, and details of the proposed features are approximate and subject to change.

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The next evolution of the internet will only be built through collaboration.

Everdome builds a platform to be suitable for a diverse range of people. Therefore, our community will always be front and center of our actions.

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Everdome welcomes pioneering partners sharing our vision of an extraordinary, immersive and equitable digital experience - encompassing the best of web2 with the increased power of blockchain and web3 technology.

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