A Journey to Mars

Our Digital World

A unique metaverse environment fostering creativity, exploration and community.

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A Location of Discovery


The Red Planet. An extraordinary setting for a pioneering digital presence.

Mars has long been a symbol expressing humanity’s drive to explore, discover and populate new realms. A fitting metaphor for the metaverse.

Join us in an evolution towards a more engaging, connective and immersive digital experience.

The Journey

Journey to Mars

The experience is also about the journey, not just the destination.

Everdome created the base layer of a interplanetary journey, taking you from a digital spaceport located in Hatta, United Arab Emirates, across the Solar System to Mars.

Jump onboard our craft, inspired by science and reimagined in the metaverse - experience a rocket launch from Earth, panoramic views of the Solar System in our Everdome Cycler, before a descent to Mars.

Your Home on Mars

Everdome Ecosystem

The metaverse has community at its heart, and a community needs a city.

The setting for a self-sustaining metaverse civilization of visitors, creators, brands and projects - uniting pioneers of all kinds in a new digital community.

Your Hub for Interaction


Join fellow digital pioneers for inspiration, connection and creation.

As the centerpoint of our Martian City, our city Headquarters building is a hub for connections, creations and events - a place to mingle with a diverse mix of users, creators, brands and web3 projects.

It also represents the home for Everdome’s own creations of engaging metaverse experiences.

Your Space for Creation

Everdome Spaces

The metaverse needs to be accessible. Discover the simplicity of personalized metaverse creation.

Creators of all types can showcase their works, interests, projects and more with Everdome Spaces.

Spaces has all you need to quickly spin up your own corner of the metaverse, invite guests and explore a new digital world together.

A Place for Learning

Web3 & The Metaverse

Everdome seeks to inform, educate and support towards a better digital experience for all.

Check out our latest development news as well as guides on the metaverse and web3 as we learn and grow together.