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The Metaverse in Evolution

September 19, 2023

When Facebook rebranded to Meta in 2021, there was a surge in hype surrounding the metaverse. Many predicted this as a breakthrough signaling the future of the internet.Fast forward to 2023, and we se
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The Science Behind Everdome - Part Two - Getting into Space

September 15, 2023

Everdome followed up the creation of our Spaceport by ideating our first mission architecture study, which included both the Everdome Phoenix and Everdome Cycler.From this mission architecture, the co
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Pioneering in the Metaverse: Everdome's new podcast series

September 13, 2023

Everdome announces the drop of its new podcast series titled ‘’Pioneering in the Metaverse‘’ where our Marketing and Growth Manager, Samir Mourani, will be interviewing a series of featured guests fro
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The Science Behind Everdome

September 11, 2023

Introducing the first in a short series of videos looking at the science behind Everdome’s hyper-realistic Martian metaverse environment.Everdome’s relationship with science lies at the core of our wo
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Everdome at Token2049

September 6, 2023

Everdome makes an appearance at Singapore's Token2049, as our CEO, Jeremy Lopez and CGO, Artur Kaczmarczyk attend Asia's premier crypto event, which draws 10,000+ participants, including over a thousa
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Environment Fixes and Development Updates

August 25, 2023

To keep our community informed and increase levels of transparency around our project, we will be releasing regular updates on the process of bug fixing, patches and improvements to our metaverse envi
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