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Does the Metaverse Already Exist? - Part Three - Metaverse Present & Future

January 26, 2023

Rounding off the first section of our Everdome Uncovered series, where we explored the history of the metaverse, we take a brief look into the present and future of metaverse building, to discover som
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Everdome at Saudi Arabia’s LEAP Conference

January 24, 2023

Everdome kicks off what promises to be a very busy year of events with our attendance at Saudi Arabia’s LEAP Technology Conference, where our COO, Jeremy Lopez and our CGO Artur Kaczmarczyk will fly t
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Does the Metaverse Already Exist? - Part 2 - Ancient Ancestors

January 20, 2023

Continuing from our last article in our Everdome Uncovered series, we take a step further back in time while exploring the question: Does the Metaverse already exist?We previously looked at ‘’proto-me
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Unveiling First Looks at the Everdome Spaceport at Jezero Crater

January 17, 2023

Following on from our first metaverse rocket launch in November, Everdome is excited to announce the next stage of our hyper-realistic adventure.We are delighted to share the first looks at the concep
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Does the Metaverse Already Exist? - Part One

January 16, 2023

Following on from our previous article, we continue our series of Everdome Uncovered to explore the question: Does the Metaverse already exist?Everdome believes that the answer is currently - not yet.
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Everdome Jezero Spaceport - Sneak Preview

January 13, 2023

As Everdome’s journey to Mars continues, we are excited to show just a sneak preview of the concept art from Everdome Jezero Spaceport.Representing the hub for all cargo and passengers transiting to a
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