Creating a Space

Create in the Metaverse

Use our easy Metaverse-as-a-Service tooling to create digital environments engaging new audiences - placing your ideas, project or brand inside an interactive environment.

Station in space

Creation made easy

Everdome has created template metaverse spaces with the simple essentials - to get you started fast.

Create Space

Step by step

Create your own Space

Building out your first metaverse location is very simple. All you need is a Wallet, some $DOME and BNB cryptocurrencies.

Follow the steps below, or see our FAQ section for more information.

More information in FAQ

Step 1

Navigate to Create spaces page.

Step 2

Connect your wallet.

Step 3

Add a description of your space and a banner to promote it.

Step 4

Choose your active dates for your space and make it public or private.

Step 5

Add your media, including images, video and texts.

Step 6

Double check your start and active dates - this can’t be changed later.

Step 7

Pay for your space - then wait a short time for the media to be approved.

Step 8

Use the invite link to invite your audience and enjoy your space.

Users and Use Cases

Metaverse creation made easy for all

By placing easy Metaverse-as-a-Service tooling inside our unique metaverse experience, we open up this new medium to individuals, projects and brands alike - regardless of knowledge and budget.

Everdome provides immediate template spaces for individuals or smaller projects, or customized solutions for larger businesses and brands.


Join a diverse and ever changing range of metaverse experiences and destinations.


Showcase your creativity inside a completely new and interactive medium.


Pioneer your new medium to put your audience straight into the heart of your brand.


Spin out a showcase to host events, AMAs and more.

Round space in the metaverse