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Everdome Worldbuilding Director Speaking with the VR/AR Association

January 12, 2023

Our Worldbuilding Director, Lukasz Alwast, will speak later today at the VR/AR Association (VRARA) 2023 inaugural Storytelling Committee.His presentation will take an overview on the project and produ
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Everdome Uncovered - What is the Metaverse?

January 11, 2023

As we work on building our metaverse experience, we also want to provide some background on how Everdome views the metaverse, the direction we believe the metaverse is headed, and our thoughts the imp
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Everdome and the Metaverse Uncovered

January 5, 2023

We have been keeping our community informed about all the latest news regarding the Everdome project as it happens, using our website, Twitter and Telegram groups.However, we are pleased to announce t
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Welcome to the Everdome Cycler

January 3, 2023

We took some detailed lookbacks at 2022 over the holiday and New Year period. However, let's now look to the very near future of Everdome.This year will see our journey continue, as our team builds on
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Everdome Team's New Year's Message

December 31, 2022

As an eventful year draws to a close, we wanted to leave our community with a personal message from some of our key team members.We took some time to reflect on 2022, talking about personal highlights
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A Wrap-up of Everdome’s 2022. Building Foundations for Success

December 30, 2022

This first year of Everdome has been an exceptional year full of learning, challenges overcome and landmarks achieved.February saw Everdome formally begin, with our $DOME token launched immediately on
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