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May 10, 2023

Worldbuilding Insights - Creating Jezero Lavatube Canyon

The Everdome team pulls back the curtain once more on our world building processes to show the detailed work involved in the creation of our metaverse adventure.

We understand that a hyper-realistic Martian world needs multiple locations, not only to give life and color to our metaverse experience, but also to later form the home for immersive multiplayer player events and gaming possibilities.

As shown in our previous article - Everdome’s Hyper-Realistic Approach: Explained - Everdome consults with our team of space architects to identify concepts for our in-world locations.

Then our concept artists get to work, giving the first drafts of their artistic interpretation of the brief from our science and product development team.

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We then look in detail at these first sketches, giving feedback to improve them as we look to increase the potential for immersive gameplay within the location as well as ensuring we are not straying too far from our commitment to viable, realistic science.

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Our award winning concept artist, Igor Knezevic, known for his earlier work on Star Trek: Picard, Passengers and Jupiter Ascending, then reworks the concept following this feedback from the Everdome product and science team.

This feedback takes place in several stages, in a constant process of reiteration and improvement until our product and science team feel the concept is ready for integration with our experience.


This is just the first stage in our design and development process, as next the concept art is delivered to the team doing the toughest work - transforming the concept into a full part of our immersive experience.

Even though the concept is already planned to allow the visitor to experience it in 3D, the team needs to take proper measurements to ensure smoothness . Therefore, we create several different movement simulations, using an avatar as well as other possible means of transportation to make sure the space is both usable and delivers a high quality of experience.

Next, our team chooses to showcase some parts of the location, typically done with lighting and shadow to highlight parts of the space - to ensure that we deliver on our hyper-realistic goals.

Once we are satisfied with the results, the location is ready to become part of Everdome’s Martian metaverse experience.

This Jezero Lavatube Canyon is one example of Martian in-world destinations being developed by Everdome as we conceptualize, build and integrate experiences into our metaverse adventure.


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