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September 15, 2023

The Science Behind Everdome - Part Two - Getting into Space

Everdome followed up the creation of our Spaceport by ideating our first mission architecture study, which included both the Everdome Phoenix and Everdome Cycler.

From this mission architecture, the concept and design of our reusable spacecraft that could horizontally land on Mars slowly came into focus.

We looked in detail at some other reusable spacecraft designs from the past, present and visions of the future while deciding on the design of the Everdome Phoenix.

See the video below:

Our scientific consultants looked at the wing design of cutting edge reusable spacecraft, such as Sierra Spaces’s DreamChaser space plane, or Boeing’s X37-B, and then projected future capabilities to imagine our Everdome Phoenix. We also took ideas of refractory tiling to shield our spacecraft from multiple entries to both the Earth and Mars atmospheres.

For the interior cabin, we reimagined a business class style airliner experience that would also reduce the effects of g-force on both takeoff and landing.

We also knew that to be viably supported by scientific principles, we needed to also create an interplanetary craft to transport both rockets and passengers to the Red Planet.

We took inspiration from the Mars Cycler concept created by the astronaut Buzz Aldrin, a theoretical spacecraft trajectory designed to facilitate regular transportation between Earth and Mars using minimum energy.

This concept involves a spacecraft traveling in a continuous loop between Earth and Mars, following a specific trajectory which takes advantage of orbital interactions between the two planets.

The advantages of a Mars Cycler system include reduced fuel consumption and the establishment of a more predictable and reliable transportation system between the two planets.

Stay tuned for more in this series, when we take a closer look at the science informing development of our digital home on Mars, Everdome City.


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