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September 11, 2023

The Science Behind Everdome

Introducing the first in a short series of videos looking at the science behind Everdome’s hyper-realistic Martian metaverse environment.

Everdome’s relationship with science lies at the core of our worldbuilding.

Our team works closely with scientific advisors drawn from the worlds of space architecture and interplanetary exploration.

They guide our creation of Mars and space exploration experiences, helping us achieve an authentic foundation for an immersive metaverse adventure set 150 years into the future.

We research viable scientific principles, such as where our spaceports should be placed on Earth, how our pioneers should travel to Mars, as well as how our Martian city should be supplied and built, to make our metaverse experience as authentic and extraordinary as possible.

See the video below for more on the background to this scientific approach, along with some further information on our Hatta Spaceport location.

Everdome chose the Hatta region of the United Arab Emirates as it is close to the equator, free from dangerous environmental factors. Additionally it is not populated, yet still close enough to areas with great transport links for easy access. It is also insanely beautiful and suits Everdome’s UAE physical base in the real world.

When imaging, ideating and creating our metaverse spaceport we took inspiration from real world spaceport construction.

There are today more than 35 spaceport and launch facilities worldwide capable of launching spacecraft or satellites into orbit or sub-orbit.

To make this creation fully authentic, we built out elements to our spaceport actually present in real life facilities. These include:

  • Launch pads
  • Vehicle Assembly Facilities
  • Control Centers
  • Tracking and Communication Systems
  • Recovery and Refurbishment Facilities
  • Support Infrastructure

Everdome’s spaceport contains all of these elements, and some are available for you to visit inside the Hatta Spaceport section of our experience.

Stay tuned for the next video in this series about the science behind our Everdome experience. 

Imagining the metaverse differently.


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