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May 15, 2023

The OKX Collective Metaverse Powered By Everdome Grows

Everdome is delighted to announce the release of the second part of our groundbreaking collaboration with OKX and their footballing ambassadors, as we continue to demonstrate how we build immersive experiences for brands and users.

Dropping today, Everdome is powering another part of the OKX Collective metaverse experience for another of their OKX footballing ambassadors.

Inside this part of the OKX Collective metaverse powered by Everdome, visitors have the opportunity to visit their elite footballing partners’ ‘Drop it like it’s hot’ NFT sneaker collection directly inside the metaverse.

Each sneaker is displayed larger than life, where visitors can walk around them viewing them from all angles. There are information points next to each design that visitors can interact with to reveal film content where Alex explains her inspirations and Influences.

Furthermore, when connecting their OKX wallet to the experience, visitors will be able to download these unique NFTs designed by their football ambassador, as well as receiving a unique bonus NFT reward.

This collaboration, led by OKX and powered by Everdome, combines web3, sports and fashion, once again underlining the power of the metaverse to unite different groups and individuals to build something unique.

Everdome’s Chief Growth Officer, Artur Kaczmarczyk adds: 

‘’Everdome was delighted to pick up the challenge of powering this part of the OKX Collective metaverse, showing how we collaborate with multiple parties to provide a Web3 experience which explores the combination of sport, fashion, cryptocurrency and immersive digital content for user engagement.’’

This collaboration with organizations and individuals at the very top of their game has been an amazing experience for Everdome, and we invite you all to come and discover the OKX elite footballing ambassador's digital sneaker collection for yourselves.

You can find the link to enter the OKX Collective here. Don’t forget to connect your OKX wallet and receive your exclusive NFT reward.


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