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May 27, 2022

Tenset acquires land in Everdome, becoming an official 'Everdome Partner' in the metaverse

Tenset acquires land in Everdome, becoming an official 'Everdome Partner' in the metaverse.

We are very excited to announce that Tenset has chosen an exclusive real-estate location in Everdome, with plans on building their metaverse headquarters. Additionally, Tenset has reserved land for their current and future partners, providing an opportunity for an additional 30 partner projects to enter and develop in Everdome.

This official partnership will take both team's current relationship to the next level, opening doors for investor relations, mass marketing, and a shared network to provide support to all partners in Everdome, inside and outside of the metaverse.

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Tenset is a blockchain-based investment company that acts as a crypto hedge fund with a second generation ETF - ETF 2.0, whereby investors can gain exposure to a wide range of cryptocurrencies by purchasing the 10set coin. The assets in the portfolio are chosen with a stable return in mind so that holders of 10set can receive passive income based on the portfolio's performance. Tenset also created a powerful launchpad for innovative blockchain projects that have the utmost potential, to aid their portfolio development and offer presale access to 10set token holders. 


Tenset has strategically chosen their location in the 'Future of Finance' district of Everdome, providing them a strategic location to provide resources to both crypto and non-crypto projects in Everdome.

Tenset Headquarters 👉 

We would like to welcome Tenset, their network, and their loyal community to Everdome.🤝


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