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Second Interactive AMA with Alvara Protocol - Live from the Metaverse

We were delighted to welcome Alvara Protocol back to our metaverse city. A recap and video for those of you who missed the event.


For those of you who couldn't join us live in the metaverse- we take a look back at our interactive AMA with Alvara Protocol that took place  last week.

We were delighted to host yet another AMA directly inside Alvara’s digital space - created inside our Martian metaverse city, as we heard more on the transition in Alvara's development team, their upcoming roadmap, as well as brand-new community structure.

Evernauts joined Alvara's community members to interact with Joey van Etten, Alvara's Head of BD. 

Joey spoke about a shift in their development team structure, the updated and more accurate road-map including the date of their full product release this year, as well as the ways in which Alavara integrates their community into their journey.

Alvara is transitioning from the development team that helped them launch a new ERC 7621 token standard, as well as the demo and testnet version to their new partner's bigger development team - to accelerate development and complete their mainnet by the end of the year.

Joey van Etten added:

"The main thing we are looking at right now is getting it done in time, and with good quality. We want to have a launch without any bugs, and we want people to get on there and have a good experience."

Check out the full video of the event on Alvara's YouTube for more insights on the above topics, as well as security measures of the project and integration of the community members into the mainnet.

We were delighted to collaborate with Alvara Protocol once more - showcasing how Everdome’s metaverse platform can deliver an interactive and immersive setting to bring web3 projects and their audiences closer together.

Thanks to all for joining Alvara's AMA - uniting Everdome's and Alvara's communities under one virtual roof and bringing new insights into the future of finance.


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