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June 22, 2022

Robert Gryn Appoints New CEO of Metahero, Directs Focus to Everdome

💣 Big news coming down from the top today at Everdome.

Everdome & Metahero founder Rob Gryn has announced that he will be handing over the leadership of Metahero to Mariusz Krol, as the move allows Rob to dedicate his time and focus to Everdome, and his vision of building the new internet experience of the future.

"Everdome intrinsically has the ability to move at the pace that aligns with my personal rhythm, making it very exciting for me and the team. Furthermore, both projects having a clear focus and mandate will provide the opportunity for Metahero and Everdome to independently grow faster, more efficiently, each clearly defining their places in the market." states Gryn.  

As we have major product launches planned starting at the beginning of the summer, through the end of the year, the Everdome team will be wholly focused on delivering their metaverse experience from Earth to Mars, introducing global partnerships, and driving the utility for $DOME in Everdome's economy.

🙏We will continue to put the community first, and appreciate your continued support and trust, on both projects, as our new revitalized era takes off.

For any questions regarding the announcement don't hesitate to chat with one of our talented moderators 👉


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