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September 13, 2023

Pioneering in the Metaverse: Everdome's new podcast series

Everdome announces the drop of its new podcast series titled ‘’Pioneering in the Metaverse‘’ where our Marketing and Growth Manager, Samir Mourani, will be interviewing a series of featured guests from around the web3 world.

Everdome believes that the metaverse is all about community and interoperability, so we will reflect this by building out a series of long-form conversations on various subjects related to the web3, the metaverse and the development of the technology within this ecosystem.

In a world where short-form content only provides bite-sized information, Everdome wants to illuminate the deeper conversations taking place in the space as we collectively work towards a shared vision of building a metaverse for all. 

Everdome welcomes featured speakers, experts, builders and more from a variety of industries all working towards that shared vision and goal. Listeners or watchers can expect a series of in-depth conversations with expert analysis on real-time projects.

Our inaugural episode officially drops today, featuring none other than Everdome’s CEO Jeremy Lopez.

Episodes will be made available across all podcast platforms including YouTube, Spotify & later Apple. 

Additionally, we will be sharing clips from some of the key moments of these discussions across our socials so be sure to stay connected by following us and subscribing across our platforms.


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