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May 7, 2022

Pierre Gasly Acquires Land in Everdome

ğŸŽ Pierre Gasly has acquired land in the sports & entertainment district of Everdome.

With plans and early concepts of building his personal residence in the metaverse, Pierre has chosen Everdome as the location to digitally settle down - given Everdome's hyper-realistic nature.


Choosing the Sports & Entertainment district of Everdome ensures that Pierre will be surrounded by others with similar interests, hobbies, and professions - ultimately creating engagement for Everdome users and other citizens.


As interest in the metaverse continues to skyrocket, athletes, companies, and individuals will continue to search for property that best suits their individual brands. At Everdome we are providing the highest quality metaverse, which will provide a home for individuals and brands that seek a place that represents their vision of the future. 

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We are very excited to have Pierre join us in the metaverse, and we'd like to cordially welcome Pierre Gasly to Everdome.👏


Everdome FZCO

DSO - IFZA Digital Park, Silicon Oasis Dubai, UAE

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