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Our Metaverse HQ in Growth Mode

Expanding our World


Coming very soon - Everdome’s metaverse city headquarters is about to grow some more.

Adding new areas for larger audiences, special live events and more room for upcoming partners as our development team continues construction of our metaverse destination.

This upcoming expansion drop will see not only a special new location for larger groups to congregate in the metaverse, but will also see the debut of a new floor - giving more accessible areas across our Mars headquarters building.

Check out the sneak preview for a taste of this release, coming very soon to Everdome’s metaverse destination.

In the meantime, don’t forget - if you would like to become an early tester for this drop, and others to come, throw your name into the hat and let one of our moderation team on Discord or Telegram know.

Building out the next stage of Everdome City as we ramp up in preparation for larger audiences from the worlds of web2, web3 and the real world - exploring the potential of the metaverse together with our community of partners, metaverse pioneers and Everdome supporters.


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