March 17, 2023

Moon Exploration Contest Details - A First Everdome In-world Experience

We are delighted to announce that our exclusive 24 hour Moon Exploration event will take place on the 21st of March, with access granted in stages for ALL Tiers of Genesis NFT holders as well as Land NFT Holders.

This release of an Everdome in-world game experience represents the first time all our Genesis NFT & Landholding community enters Everdome at the same time, as they will also be able to explore parts of Hatta spaceport on entry.

Compete against other Evernauts, racing your Moon Skimmer Endurance exploration vehicle to collect checkpoints in the fastest time.

Also, enjoy a Moonwalk expedition challenge, exploring the lunar surface whilst collecting all checkpoints here too.

There is a $3500 USDT prize pool at stake for the top ten finishers in each challenge, so save the date and prepare yourself to make the fastest times and win your share of the prizes.

As this event also forms a live test of our metaverse environment, access to the experience is gated in waves to balance the load on our servers as we test and optimize throughout the event.

Times that each separate Tier can gain access to the competition are as below.

  • Tier 1 - From 6 AM CET, March 21 to 6AM CET, March 22
  • Tier 2 - From 10 AM CET, March 21 to 6AM CET, March 22
  • Land Holders - From 2 PM CET, March 21 to 6AM CET, March 22
  • Tier 3 - From 6 PM CET, March 21 to 6AM CET, March 22

We would like to remind all participants that this event is a beta release, and also forms part of our live testing of server capacities and infrastructure. We therefore ask for your patience in case of any intermittent breaks in service as we perform our tests and rescale our servers according to demand.

However, our moderation team will be on hand in Telegram and Discord throughout the duration of the experience to answer any questions, gain your feedback and help solve any issues you may have.

You can find full information about the prizes, gameplay mechanics and Tier joining times at the link here.

On this webpage you can also find access to the new build needed for download to access the experience. This new build will be available for download shortly before the event.

Everdome is beyond excited to share this landmark release with you all, demonstrating one of many in-world experiences we are creating, as well as allowing access to our entire community for the very first time.

We cannot wait to show you all this new part of our uniquely hyper-realistic experience, and look forward to seeing you all in these races. Good luck Evernauts.


Everdome FZCO

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