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March 8, 2023

Moon Exploration Contest Coming Soon

We are delighted to announce an exclusive one-time event for ALL Everdome NFT holders, in a 24-hour access opportunity to join our first Everdome game experience.

Immersive content and shared adventures are key to creating the best metaverse experience possible, so the team at Everdome is extremely excited to release this first look at an example of the in-world experiences we are building.

ALL Tiers of Everdome Genesis NFT holders & Land NFT holders will have a 24 hour window to race around the Moon in our ''Endurance'' Moon Skimmers, hovering just inches above the lunar surface, as well as challenging others to a moonwalk contest.

In celebration of this milestone release, we also offer a $3500 USDT prize pool for those with the best time & scores in completing each of these experiences.

This event is scheduled for March 21st, so save the date.  Genesis NFT collection Tier holders 1, 2 & 3 as well as Land NFT holders will ALL be able to take part.

We will announce exact prize details, game mechanics & joining times for each Tier next week, so stay posted on our socials.

This first gaming adventure for our community forms just the start of our mini-game experiences, and as a limited test, it helps us to scale our infrastructure & plan for future adventures.  

However, as the event is also a server test, we would like to underline that there may be intermittent periods of outage as we scale systems & manage our server load capabilities.

Learning from user behavior and testing our current capacities from this mini-game & the time limited Tier-3 access to our Hatta Spaceport will also help us to scale for upcoming Tier-3 holders access to the entire currently available Everdome experience.

We cannot wait to show you all these new parts of our uniquely hyper-realistic experience, & look forward to seeing you all in both contests. 

May the strongest Evernaut win.


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