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Interactive Crypto News in the Metaverse with Everdome and BSCN

Join our crypto news metaverse hangout in partnership with BSCNews - A recap of May's events in the cryptosphere

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Freshening up our interactive crypto news hangout spot in partnership with BSCNews - recapping some of the biggest and most controversial news from the cryptosphere.

Crypto and web3 move fast, so it is often easy to miss out on key pieces of information and news. 

Together with BSCNews, Everdome brings crypto updates to the metaverse, recapping the previous month's hot topics in an interactive discussion space inside our digital Mars Headquarters.

Jump inside our updated space and look back at some of the key news happening across the month of May.

Included inside - Crypto storming back to India with Binance and KuCoin? Pudgy Penguins teamed up with Mythical Games for an AAA Web3 mobile game in 2025 and Kraken mulls over a USDT delist in the EU?

Jump inside here, invite your friends and fellow crypto enthusiasts to kick off some vigorous debate on all these topics and more.


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