May 24, 2023

Increasing Everdome’s South Asian Reach with our Emchain Partnership

Everdome today announces its partnership with Emchain, a progressive publishing and content management company specializing in web2 and web3 publishing in India and across the South Asian region.

South Asia in general, and India in particular is seen as a growth market for Everdome and the metaverse, with high degrees of crypto and Web3 engagement, repeatedly coming top in rankings such as the Global Crypto Adoption Index by Chainanalysis.

Everdome’s partnership with Emchain leverages their exceptional distribution network with content creators and gamers throughout their region, giving these creators a place to enter the metaverse space with Everdome.

Emchain looks to bridge the worlds of web2 and web3, harnessing powerful access to some of the best gaming content creators, streamers and esports players to become one of the earliest adopters of the nascent metaverse space.

Emchain’s network partner is Trinity Gaming India, which was founded in 2019 by the entrepreneur duo Abhishek Aggarwal and Shivam Rao. Trinity Gaming India has worked with a plethora of renowned brands like Facebook Gaming, Krafton, Marvel, Tencent, Disney, Gillette, Paytm, GIGABYTE, Red Bull, T-Series and more.

Together with Emchain as their exclusive web3 consultant, Trinity Gaming has on-boarded some of the top gaming content creators from their captive 40 million gaming community, giving them a place to enter the metaverse space with Everdome.

Multiple individual content creators, YouTube streamers, esports players and organizations are taking part in this exciting new partnership, with a combined audience in the tens of millions across several different social channels.

From the Sports and Entertainment district inside Everdome’s Mars based metaverse civilization, these elite gaming content creators unite around Emchain to provide totally unique content for their audience, numbering in the tens of millions across YouTube, Instagram and other social media platforms.

Towqeer Gilkar, CEO of Emchain states:

‘’We’ve realized that the hyper-realistic approach taken by Everdome’s metaverse development has the potential to totally revolutionize the metaverse sector, allowing players and users to totally immerse themselves in an entirely new digital experience created by the Everdome team.

Because India is home to 400 million active gamers and has 110 million plus active wallet holders, we want to ensure that the sub-continent emerges as one of the leaders in VR and metaverse adoption.

We believe Everdome holds all the credentials to enhance gaming experiences. Everdome has solidified their outreach with partnerships from major brands and global strategy partners, so we are delighted to be pioneering the introduction across the Indian gaming industry.’’

Everdome’s Chief Growth Officer, Artur Kaczmarczyk adds:

‘’Everdome is all about making extraordinary metaverse experiences more widely accessible. Our partnership with Emchain and their network of content creators helps us in our mission to reach new audiences with our metaverse experience, not just in terms of a South Asian and Indian audience, but also a brand new direct engagement with a thriving gaming community.

We are delighted to join forces with Emchain as Everdome takes another step towards our goal of building a thriving, truly worldwide community of metaverse explorers.’’

This brand-new partnership will increase Everdome’s reach and engagement across the Indian continent, while providing an exciting and pioneering new base for content creators to engage with their audiences, provide immersive new experiences and build a vibrant new metaverse community.


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