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Improving Creation inside the Metaverse

Making creation in the metaverse easier, faster and more accessible.


One of our key goals is to make the metaverse easier to understand, simpler to use and accessible for the widest possible audiences of creators, from individuals through to the largest of brands.

We are therefore delighted to announce today’s release of improvements to our metaverse spaces configurator user interface.

Following live user testing, our team identified a series of improvements to help our users create their own metaverse spaces more quickly, and also help Everdome to progress future developments with greater speed.

We improved the look and feel of the UI across the board, bringing it inline with the look of our website as well as adding new, modern components for easier navigation and asset input.

The entire user flow has been streamlined, allowing all spaces creators to more easily make reusable templates for events, or to quickly use existing templates for new metaverse spaces.

Improvements to this user flow of metaverse space creation also include better explanations on options such as public/private events, choice of region for servers and more.

The summary page and invitation pages have also been optimized, with clearer layouts and improved information.

Check out our improved metaverse space creation configurator now, and start to build your very own corner of the metaverse today.


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