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July 2, 2022

Everdome's Genesis NFT Whitelist Lottery is Coming Soon!

Didn't get an Everdome Genesis NFT? Here's your chance.

Roughly 8% (819) of our Genesis collection went unclaimed, and we're giving everyone a chance to own one of Everdome's 'keys to the city.'

⏱The rules to ownership are simple, but you need to be swift in acting. This coming week we'll be posting the whitelist to enter.

The rules:👩🏽‍⚖️
⓵ First come, first serve
⓶ Limited availability (819 slots)
⓷ 0.5 ETH to enter whitelist
⓸ Once the limit is met or after 3 days the whitelist will close, whichever happens first

🎇 Here's the interesting part. We currently have 1 Tier-1, 20 tier-2, and 798 tier-3 available. Once we close the whitelist with the first 819 names we will randomize the NFT offering.

Everyone of the whitelist will get an NFT, but your chances of winning the various tiers are...

Tier-1: 1/819 (0.12%)
Tier-2: 20/819 (2.4%)
Tier-3: 798/819 (97.4%)

🗝It's time to get your keys to the city if you missed out the first time around. Get ready, next week we will be opening the whitelist.


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