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March 20, 2023

Everdome Worldbuilding Director Moderates Panel at Meta’s Metaverse Day

Everdome’s Worldbuilding Director, Lukasz Alwast, moderates a panel at Meta's first regional Central Eastern Europe conference dedicated exclusively to the metaverse and the future of innovative immersive technologies.

Taking place on the 22nd of March at Meta Space in Warsaw, Lukasz will chair a discussion during this conference with other regional business and industry leaders, exploring the question:

Are virtual worlds of today the first step into the metaverse?

Along with other panel members, Joanna "Frota" Kurkowska (G2A, Outlier Ventures) and Thomas Tumosa (Zen Republic), they will look into questions around how games influence the development of the metaverse, discussing how games and entertainment both set the tone and create key technologies for development of the new digital reality.

As the concept of the metaverse continues to evolve, video games and virtual worlds are likely to continue to play an increasingly important role in shaping it. They provide a foundation for building the technology and infrastructure necessary to support the metaverse, as well as a roadmap for creating compelling virtual experiences. 

In addition to Lukasz’s panel, the event deals with multiple topics relating to the metaverse and metaverse construction, including: How best to build the interoperable metaverse together, how immersive technology can revolutionize education as well as ideas on the real and digital self in the metaverse.

During this day-long conference organized by Meta, the above topics will be explored amongst other metaverse related themes,  stimulating discussion on the business opportunities and societal impact that the development of the metaverse will have in CEE and globally.

This invite-only event provides Everdome with a new avenue for high-profile networking and an exchange of ideas between industry leaders, entrepreneurs, founders, engineers, thought leaders and community representatives from the CEE region.


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