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Everdome Welcomes Dragonz Land to our Metaverse City

Dragons coming to Everdome City with a metaverse showcase spot for their AI powered gaming adventure.


Delighted to announce that Everdome joins forces with Dragonz Land, an AI powered gaming adventure where teamwork and camaraderie reign supreme.

Dragonz Land is a utility-first play-to-earn trading card game on Venom Blockchain - where each card is a unique NFT, giving the players true ownership and epic digital trading power.

This two way partnership sees Everdome create a bespoke metaverse space for Dragonz Land inside our digital Martian city, with ongoing interactive events taking place directly inside the metaverse.

Everdome will enjoy their own unique Dragonz Land Everdome themed NFT card, and will also take up a presence inside Dragonz Land’s Telegram game, where tasks for gamers will include following Everdome’s socials, downloading our launcher and interacting with our metaverse destination.

These actions will enable both projects to engage brand new audiences, widening our reach into gaming communities, and opening the doors for Dragonz Land to start building their own metaverse footprint.

Find out more about Dragonz Land here - Discover a world where cutting-edge AI seamlessly blends with the enchantment of dragons, while preparing for thrilling challenges, breathtaking vistas and a captivating narrative unfolding with each step taken.

Dragonz Land isn't just about the journey – it's about forging a bond with your dragon and enhancing your skills through arcade-style gameplay. Furthermore, rewards are earned through game progression.

Jump into the Dragonz Land space now, and discover more about this unique gaming project - where fantasy themed gaming meets crypto inside the metaverse.


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