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Everdome Treasury Wallet Relocked For Next Quarter

Largest company $DOME wallet now relocked until end of Q2 2024.

treasury wallet relocked (2).png

As explained in our Treasury post from the end of last year, we are committing to quarterly relocks of our largest company $DOME Wallet.

Everdome has relocked the total amount of circa 61.6 Billion $DOME held in this wallet for the entire second financial quarter - until the end of June 2024 - at which point the wallet will be reassessed.

You can see the wallet details at the link below:

This wallet will be reassessed and re-locked every quarter, giving a short window period in case extra tokens need to be moved for company usage.

Please keep in mind that we need to retain a portion of $DOME to manage mass usage within Everdome - once the full version of our metaverse world is released.

However, don’t forget - as mentioned in our previous treasury posts, our team has left a single vital function in the smart contract so token burns can be executed at any point in time, even while the contents are locked.

The wallet remains locked for all other actions, but token burns can be facilitated constantly throughout the year.


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