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August 24, 2023

Everdome Opens its Doors to Landholders

Pleased to announce that Everdome’s metaverse adventure now opens its doors to our Landholding community as we gradually scale the numbers of active Evernauts in our experience.

Our Landholders now share the same permanent access rights as our Genesis NFT holders as we prepare for a wider release of our unique metaverse destination.

Jump in and join our Genesis NFT Collection holders in:

  • The Hatta Spaceport.
  • Everdome Phoenix & Rocket Launch.
  • The Everdome Cycler.
  • Moon Skimmers & Moonwalk exploration experience.

Landholders can download the experience here.

Please note - if you download the new experience directly from our website, please ignore the prompt given to you for an update.

With our Mars landing experience release coming up, Everdome continues to build out our foundation metaverse environment layer while increasing numbers of those with access throughout 2023.

Join us in welcoming them onboard as we build a brave new digital future together.


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