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Everdome Mission Architecture Previewed

Everdome Mission Architecture Previewed


As we gradually approach the Everdome journey to the Mars rocket launch event, we are excited to show a preview of the spaceflight plan from Earth to Everdome city on Mars, providing a first look at the rich detail the Everdome project works towards.

Created at the intersection of hyper-real, near future technology and science fiction, the mission architecture of the Everdome journey to Mars showcases the first stage of one of the most cutting edge metaverse experiences currently in development.

Everdome’s mission architecture is the result of several months of collaborative ideation, conceptualisation, creation and iteration by an expert team of artists, writers, gaming developers and space scientists.

Our goal is unique. To provide a distinctive experience not before possible without leaving our planet, and to push the boundaries of the metaverse vision to the very limits of our current technological capabilities.

We believe the journey is an intrinsic part of the essence of any true experience. Therefore, your Mars metaverse experience begins the minute you step into our futuristic Hatta Spaceport located in the United Arab Emirates of the future, and wait to board the massive Everdome Phoenix spaceship, or EVR Phoenix.

Your journey begins on the EVR Phoenix, a reusable passenger craft on a massive scale, almost double the size of SpaceX’s Starship. Ferrying over 450 passengers and crew in a single flight, the EVR Phoenix docks with the interplanetary Everdome Cycler on Earth’s lower orbit.

Following docking, you and our other intrepid Evernauts will disembark to the Everdome Cycler, which orbits 700 km above the Earth. This thermonuclear and solar sail powered, 3 km long giant will be your home for the next 120 days.

Following a discovery filled journey where you will gradually acclimatize to Martian conditions, you then return to the Everdome Phoenix for a horizontal landing on Mars, close to the Everdome City site at Jerezo crater,.within the Isidis Planitia, site of an ancient meteor impact.

Disembarking from the EVR Phoenix, you will travel to Everdome City by monorail, getting your very first glimpse of this awesome new settlement.

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Welcome to Everdome City.



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