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September 25, 2023

Everdome Mars Landing Imminent

The journey has been long, challenging yet exciting. However, now Mars moves into our horizon with the first landing on the Red Planet just a few days away.

Going live on September 28th, this huge milestone marks the end of the first part of our journey, and also the start of a much bigger one.

All Everdome Genesis NFT holders as well as landholders will be able to take their first steps into our Martian metaverse world, and explore our shared vision of a better digital future for humanity.

Beginning on the Everdome Cycler, our Evernauts will return to their cabins on the Everdome Phoenix rockets, and watch as they detach from the interplanetary vessel that has transported us across the solar system, before plunging into descent for our Mars Landing.

On landing, you will get your first looks at Jezero Spaceport, the terminus for our Evernaut explorers, and be welcomed to Mars by our flight crew as well as Jianmu, our AI powered Tree of Life.


You will then embark onto the Mars Magnetic rail, which will whisk you from Jezero Spaceport into Everdome City itself.

Along the way, you can sit back and take in some panoramic Mars vistas, as we speed past Lavatube Canyon and move through the majestic gates to Everdome City.


On entering Everdome City, you will be welcomed by the AI brain who controls life support systems, safety protocols and more -, our Tree of Life, who will give you basic orientation on your new digital off-planet home.

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Take a few moments to explore Everdome City HQ, visit Phobos bar and socialize or celebrate your arrival with your fellow Evernauts, enjoying the feeling of being a true pioneer of a brave new digital world.

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The experience will first be accessible for Windows users, with Mac to follow shortly afterwards.

But now, our journey continues. We will follow our landmark Mars release with some exciting new product news, aimed at driving metaverse engagement beyond a web3 audience.

So, as the next chapter opens in front of us, we are delighted to be experiencing this adventure with you, building in collaboration with you all to imagine the metaverse differently.


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