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May 28, 2022

Everdome Land Auction Details & Guidelines Announced

With the first (of 8) Everdome land auction less than 2 days away, we wanted to take a moment and provide some details about how the auction(s) will be run.

Land Auction Timeline

1,500 Everdome Plot NFTs will be auctioned every round. Each following auction round will have an increased floor price.

Land Auction Guidelines

1. Each plot's auction timer starts after the 1st bid is placed - starting a 48 hr clock (in the event no other bidder joins, that specific plot's auction will end in 48hrs from first bid).

2. Each up-bid extends that plots auction by 2hrs (reflected in plot timer)

3. All auction rounds finish after (max) 7 days (from the start of the round)

4. Starting price for the 1st round will be 20,000 DOME

5. People will be able to mint NFTs after we close all rounds (Specific date TBA)

6. Rounds start every Monday 12 (mid-day) CET

7. Every up-bid must be equal/greater than +10% from the previous bid

⦿ Your bid cannot be cancelled once placed

⦿ After placing a bid, the amount will be transferred to a staking contract (i.e. escrow)

⦿ When a higher bid is placed your funds will be unlocked immediately

⦿ If there are no bids on a plot, the auction closes with the end of a sale round (7 days from the start)

⦿ The BSC API has some lag (5-10 minutes), therefore the bid history refresh may take up to 10 minutes

Eligible Discounts (HERO holders & NFT holders)

Eligible Hero holders and Everdome Genesis Key holders will receive their discount in the form of a refund (of your eligible %) following the close of the entire land sale (8-10 weeks from May 30th)

⦿ Discount can be used multiple times (buy 5 plots, get X% discount on each plot)

⦿ Discounts do not combine (i.e. cannot use your Genesis NFT discount with your HERO discount, or your Tier 2 Genesis NFT discount with your Tier 3)

⦿ Discount will be applied as a cash-back when the last round of Land Sale is finished.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to one of our talented moderators on the official Everdome telegram group 👉

The time is nearly here to obtain your piece of the hyper-realistic metaverse.🚀


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