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May 23, 2022

Everdome Land Auction Date Announced

With great pleasure we'd like to announce the countdown to the first Everdome land auction. In exactly 7 days the first of 8 auctions will kickoff.

Over the following 8 weeks we will be auctioning 12,000 plots in total - 1,500 each week. As one auction ends, the next will begin.

1st Land Auction:

🗓 May 30th at 12:00 CET

ğŸž 1,500 plots

🕕 7-day auction

💲 Auction held in $DOME only

Countdown timer 👉

Land auction 👉 (to be launched on the 30th)

city view.png

Auction details & guidelines coming later this week.

Reminder: All partner land being announced is reserved for partners only, and does not affect the number of plots available for the public auction. All partner land IS purchased, and only offered to partners who plan to develop the land and build engagement for our users.🔥

The start of our settlement of Mars is only a week away, and with it your piece of the future.


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