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Everdome HQ Expansion Coming Soon

A Home for Metaverse Events & More


Dropping a sneak preview of what comes next for Everdome.

Since the drop of our new website and further live testing with our Alvara AMA, our development team has been working to expand our Martian city headquarters, adding features, functionalities and areas to increase engagement possibilities.

This HQ expansion kicks off very soon with the release of new areas, designed to hold larger audiences and support live events, interactive video shows, film presentations and more.

As always, we seek to engage our community of metaverse pioneers at the earliest possible stage.

If you would like to be considered for a first tester of our new environment upgrade for space and engagement, please reach out to one of our moderation team to be shortlisted.

Coming to Everdome City in the very near future, this new drop represents the next stage in world expansion for our metaverse destination as we push to accommodate a broader, larger audience from web3 and beyond.

It will allow us to provide a new user experience inside Everdome City, powering new creative expressions for audiences inside the metaverse.


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