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Everdome Drops New Look Website

Everdome’s new website has dropped today - giving our community, partners and creators a better overview of our metaverse world.


Delighted to announce that Everdome’s new website has dropped today, now allowing our community, visitors and prospective brands a single central jumping off point into our growing digital world.

Here's what you can expect from our newly unveiled site:

Project Overview: Now you can explore all the different elements of Everdome’s project in one place, including our Journey to Mars experiences, visit our HQ and learn more about our mission and vision to push metaverse accessibility into the mainstream.

Browse Creator Spaces: You can find a list of current live spaces to explore, and also jump in here to start creating your very own corner of the metaverse.

Discover Upcoming Spaces & Events: You can also discover upcoming events and spaces, hosted by either our creative community, or directly by Everdome with our upcoming metaverse theme weeks. Set the dates in your calendar here.

Roadmap: Discover how we have re-evaluated our key goals, using OKRs to provide a roadmap that addresses the short term business and longer term growth needs

Economy: Take some first looks at our idea for a sustainable in platform economy which will seek to reward all members of the Everdome community, creators and visitors to our experience.

Lite Paper: Want details? We got details. Take a deeper look at our mission, vision, goals and future projections.

You will also see that our website has a lighter, more functionalist look. Our principal was to move a little away from what has become a typical crypto-centric website look, in order to attract a wider audience from beyond web3.

Therefore, we opted for a minimalistic, light look to our web, ensuring that the information flow was correct and easy to understand, to help a new audience inside Everdome's digital experience.

We will be shortly releasing further news on our theme weeks, so stay tuned. The future is bright for Everdome.


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