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Everdome Development Updates - May 2024

Latest news and updates from our development team.


May has been a busy month for the Everdome team, highlighted by the release of our new 8th Floor & the Mars Theater, as well as continued development on new features, functionalities and improvements to our digital space. 

Following April's focus on in-experience development, in May Everdome saw the launch of several updates and improvements.


  • Making chat history visible. Now all the users will be able to access previous messages to be in the know of previous discussions.
  • Further elevator fixes inside Everdome HQ. Elevators' performance is further improved - making them act even more naturally and smoothly. 
  • Opening 8th floor. To ensure clear navigation and ease of access to specific areas - we provided a new floor dedicated specifically to the Theater and future partner spaces. 
  • Decorating the 8th floor. We've added colorful "boxes" to highlight places where brand spaces will take place, as well as designing the Theater doors to create a "special" entrance, different from that of the regular spaces - making navigation through the floor even easier. Additionally, the doors to the Theater indicate if there is a show playing by changing the way they glow. 
  • Furnishing Mars Theater. 2 large screens for video were installed to display Everdome content and trailers, as well as to create more space for hosting content in the Headquarters. 
  • Polishing Mars Theater for improved life-like experience. To achieve the most realistic experience of watching cinema, we added seating animations - with avatars able to sit from both sides of the audience by pressing "E." Video synchronization for multiplayer was implemented to let different users watch the same moment of video at the same time - just like in real life. Lastly, we've made it impossible to enter if there's no show inside, fully mimicking the regular cinema experience.
  • Technical aspects of Everdome's Metaverse Theater. Colors and lighting were improved for a more pleasant experience on both Mac and Windows platforms. We've also locked avatars movement in the Theater - preventing them from chaotic jumping and running to eliminate chaos during film presentations. Missing collisions were added to the Theater environment to avoid users' random jumping through the wall.
  • Users get "green light" while talking. A new feature was implemented to let users see who is talking - functioning across the whole Everdome experience. Launched automatically after users press "V" to chat. 
  • Working further on ‘attenuation’ features. This feature means that only avatars that are close enough will be able to hear each other - making the cinematic experience for other users more pleasant and undisturbed.
    Improving Rendering Performance. By limiting video and sound effects only to areas where users can actually notice them.
  • Save system implementation. You don't have to worry about losing the point in case of leaving the Theater. From now on, you will have a possibility to resume your experience from where you left off.
    Spaces descriptions improvement. 
  • We also made some running improvements to Spaces - tweaking description panels for them to look more natural.


In Progress:

  • Stand with "special" spaces. Planned to be released in June and placed in the heart of Everdome HQ, this implementation will be designed to highlight specifically chosen spaces and organize community-praising competitions.


We keep on working on more features and functionalities - this is where we appreciate your feedback and timely reports, allowing us to grow and build Everdome's future with your support.

Thanks for being part of the journey - where we imagine a truly different metaverse together.


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