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November 17, 2022

Everdome COO Jeremy Lopez at Abu Dhabi’s Web3 Delight

Jeremy Lopez, Everdome COO, was present on a panel at the Web3 Delight Abu Dhabi event, an occasion which brought together blockchain startups, developers, researchers, investors, marketers and other creators in the Web3 domain.

He provided insights into Everdome’s place in the metaverse, as well as our goals in providing a unique solution for our brand partners as they navigate this new digital frontier.

Asked about how many metaverses there are, Jeremy explained that:

‘’At Everdome we live by the philosophy that there is only one metaverse - and that Everdome places its experience in this wider ecosystem being created.’’

Reacting to questions on how the Everdome project provides opportunities for brands, Jeremy explains the Everdome approach to metaverse development is to create a hyper-realistic, professional experience, giving business and brands a totally new opportunity to truly increase engagement strategies with their audience through the technology web3 provides. He says that:

‘’Nearly gone are the days of clicks, comments and retweets as active measures for what is truly engaging, as a metaverse experience brings all aspects of a brand directly to their audience in different and engaging ways.''

He explains further the importance of an immersive experience to audience engagement, saying:

‘’Engagement is what marketers are continually striving for. With a hyper-realistic metaverse,  it's first and foremost about storytelling - creating a place that people want to be a part of, where they can engage with an immersive experience on a cinematic level.’’

Wrapping up the talk, Jeremy explains the power of hyper-realism for brands that really have a need and mandate to push the quality of their product. Taking our partnership with Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN as an example, he states that:

‘’Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN are an engineering company, so they need their car to look as it does in reality. They have spent hundreds of millions, maybe billions not only on engineering their cars to perfection, but also on decades of brand equity building, so the last thing they want to do is put that into a metaverse experience which isn’t representative of the quality of what they have built.’’

Stay tuned for more Abu Dhabi race week updates coming soon.


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