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September 19, 2022

Everdome at the Dubai Metaverse Assembly

Everdome is invited as an official event partner to the inaugural Dubai Metaverse Assembly, hosted at the world renowned Museum of the Future in Dubai, UAE, on the 28th and 29th of September.

Demonstrating our position at the cutting edge of metaverse development, Everdome will join other event partners including Meta, the World Economic Forum and Mastercard, in exploring how governments, businesses and citizens can unlock the unlimited potential of the metaverse to create a bolder future.

International metaverse academics, designers, builders and specialists in virtual education, e-commerce, medicine, art, gaming, events, NFTs and other digital assets will speak at the two-day event, covering a broad range of topics: from building robust and scalable metaverse infrastructure to creating business-friendly regulation.

Hamad AlShirawi, Dubai Future Foundation's director states:

‘’Through our inaugural event we will highlight the extraordinary potential of immersive worlds to turbocharge economic growth, accelerate innovation and create a fundamentally better future for humanity.”

As an official event partner, Everdome has been invited to lead a workshop on “An Introduction to Everdome” for members of the UAE government and others with a mandate for making change in the metaverse space.

Represented by our Advisory Board Member, Dr. Marwan Alzarouni & our Chief Growth Officer, Artur Kaczmarczyk, the Metaverse Assembly will provide a great opportunity for Everdome to present our uniquely experiential platform as well as our vision of the metaverse future.


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