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September 15, 2022

Everdome’s FanArt Competition - 1800 USDT Prize Pool

Evernauts. Welcome to our FanArt competition. Everdome is providing a 1800 USDT prize pool for our community voted Everdome Fan Art competition.

Want to get involved? Just follow the participation guidelines and rules below:

To Enter:

1- Post your art on Twitter as a comment under one of our Tweets labeling it @everdome_io #TheJourneyHasBegun
2- Join the Everdome Discord server here -
3- Follow the server verification prompts
4- Enter the Contest via our #🎟│fanart-contest-entry channel
5- Open a support ticket by clicking on the “mail” emoji and a new channel just for you will pop up at the top of the channel list. 
6- Copy/paste the link to your Tweet in the ticket channel.
7- Our Mod Team will then collect your Fanart and post it on the channel for voting.

All submissions MUST be Everdome related. Submissions with violent, racist or sexual content will not be considered.

To Vote

Just react with the sticker „👍🏼“ to your favorite art. You can vote for as many pictures as you want. Note: It must be this specific reaction to vote.


The top three FanArt pieces with the most reactions will win respectively

First place wins 1000 USDT
Second place wins 500 USDT
Third place wins 300 USDT

In case of a tie, our Creative Director, Mateusz Strzałka has the deciding vote.

The competition begins on the 15th September 2022 and closes on the 26th of September at 9am CEST. Voting ends on Friday 30th September at 5pm CEST.

Good luck Evernaut creatives.


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