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May 30, 2022

Everdome's 1st Public Land Auction is Live

Everdome's first land auction is live!🚀 The time has come to own your place in the #metaverse.

Auction site 👉

Auction guidelines reminder: (👆also appears in auction app)

⦿ 1,500 plots up for auction over the next 7 days

⦿ Floor price = 20,000 $DOME (first auction)

⦿ Initial bid starts the plot timer (48 hours)

⦿ Up-bid increases timer by 2 hours for the plot

⦿ No additional up-bids closes that plots bidding (initial bid wins)

⦿ All round 1 auctions close on the 6th of June at 11:59 (round 2 starts at 12:00)

⦿ Land bidding/purchases in $DOME

🔥🔥All $DOME collected from the public auctions will be BURNED! 🔥🔥

Please direct any questions you may have about the auction to our moderators on our official Telegram chat 👉


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