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August 25, 2023

Environment Fixes and Development Updates

To keep our community informed and increase levels of transparency around our project, we will be releasing regular updates on the process of bug fixing, patches and improvements to our metaverse environment as they are released.

Our development team has been working hard to rectify some of the issues encountered during our wider beta release to all tiers of our NFT holders - with over 20 individual issues fixed or improved in the last week.

These are now released for Windows users, with Mac updates following shortly. and below you can see a summary.

Fixes in the latest build.

EME-1 - SIGSEGV inside Odin plugin – server tried to deallocate dll library that was already deallocated => added conditional check if lib handle is not nullptr.

EME-2 - Fix for broken transition through certain doors. 

EME-4 - Minigame did not end (relevant to [Earth] minigame in DepartureHall_P) – minigame and associated UI did not close) when exiting the play area due missing game logic from a previous temporary fix that created this result. Added proper logic to game end and kept part of previous logic to start the game.

EME-5 - Hyperloop train was abducting players – missing logic as to when players can enter Added missing logic used to detect and put players inside carriage and added keyframes to level sequence to specify when train can detect players and put them onboard.

EME-6 - Fixed missing collision on Launch_P near station, visual holes in map. – It was possible to fall under the map or to walk over rails of Hyperloop. Added missing blocking volumes and added static meshes to cover holes in map.

EME-10 - Fix for earth model is of very low quality and oversaturated. Replaced with a more realistic texture note.

EME-14 - Fix for overly bright “please wait” sign. Lowered brightness to ¼ of the original.

EME-17 - Fix for missing collision on Mars - models used on mars were of lower quality and with missing / broken colliders. Recreated collisions for one model by hand, modified blocking volumes on map to prevent players from falling under the map.

EME-20 - Fix for disappearing Moon Skimmers – It was possible for players when controlling a Skimmer to leave the game in certain ways that forced Unreal Engine to remove this controlled (possessed) asset – in this case the skimmers, leaving behind a stranded avatar. Added conditional check forcing player that disconnects to repossess the avatar. This should work server-side, pending QA check.

EME-21-  Fix for Hyperloop on Launch_P which overlapped terrain – non-optimised level design created path of cart that intersected terrain Surface. Added visibility mask to terrain material and reshaped & masked entry point to achieve aesthetically pleasing transition underground.

EME-22 - Benches in DepartureHall_P (base variant) are missing collisions that can be walked through. Enabled missing collision of benches.

EME-23 / EME-24 = Fix for missing collision on DepartureHall _P – it was possible to fall through the wall / floor in certain places. Added missing blocking volumes to prevent players from leaving the map.

EME-25 - Fix for elevator fault which could drop players under map –, this object could drop players when departing, if the player is standing right on the edge of the platform. Changed sequence to force elevator to pull in players that are too close to the edge of the platform and teleport inside anyone that will be stuck in between platform and catwalk when elevator is closed. 

EME-28 - Fix for post-entry to Launch_P map game crashes – due to design error the game could not spawn players using spawn volume in that map, and the failsafe player start was missing -  resulting in a Fatal error. Reduced error to be not fatal (and not crash server) and added missing failsafe player start (now serving as primary start).

Project wide changes:

  • Missing light – a significant number of levels had unbuilt lighting that resulted in visual glitches/decreased performance. Rebuilt lighting on all relevant maps.
  • Corrupt assets – half a dozen assets were reported by the editor to be corrupt. Edited & resaved them to clear errors.

Engine changes:

  • (early in development) Engine related errors – Engine on repo being an incomplete and obsolete version (5.1.0) failed to compile due to a number of missing critical files. Copied over files from healthy 5.1.1 from GIT.
  • (now) Engine related errors – since engine is deprecated and its dependencies are no longer available it was necessary to switch over completely to healthy 5.1.1 from GIT.

Missing feature Fixes:

  • Settings – added Auto-Settings plugin to prepare grounds for expansion of available settings.
    GPU light mass – Enabled hardware Ray tracing support to shorten light build times & improve general look & performance of game.

Development changes:

  • Since all builds are made now on one machine with continuity it is possible to make use of cache to shorten build times to as low as 6 minutes/platform with complete cache.
  • Added sentry for reporting errors and crashes to our cloud database to aid us in bug hunt. 

All of these fixes and improvements are now live in the Everdome environment, and once again we thank all the members of the community for taking the time to help us test and hunt these bugs so they can be fixed.

Delighted to be building a better digital future together with you all as we work to imagine the metaverse differently.


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