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Entry & Navigation across Everdome's Metaverse City

Check out our simple guide and exploring Everdome's digital Martian metaverse city today.

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Everdome has been recently expanding - releasing a new 8th Floor & Mars Theater, enabling us to host a wider variety of interactive digital experiences.

This simple step-by-step navigation guide was created to help you explore our growing Martian digital home, or to invite friends to come take their first steps into the metaverse.

Watch our video below to discover how easy it is to travel through Everdome's Metaverse, to access your own place to build an interactive metaverse showcase spot, or to simply explore and interact with fellow metaverse pioneers.

Here's a short summary for you to interact with Everdome's metaverse seamlessly:

Step 1. Download and install the launcher - You can download the launcher for Windows and Mac here as shown in the tutorial video.

Step 2. Open the launcher and download an additional file. Please be patient as it may take a few minutes.

Step 3. Select your avatar - Choose your avatar from a selection of designs, pick your player name (up to 20 characters) and click "save".

Step 4. Familiarize yourself with the controls - Click "Enter the Metaverse" and familiarize yourself with the on-screen keyboard layout for gestures, chat, and movement.

Step 5. Choose one of three options to access your starting destination - Choose an option from the main menu. You can pick Mars HQ, a specific space (access code needed), or Surprise Me button for a random space.

Step 6. Adjust the graphics and sounds.

Step 7. Explore Mars HQ- Interact with objects using the "E" key, and visit our brand-new 8th Floor & Mars Theater - a multilevel auditorium designed to display interactive metaverse shows.

Step 8. Visit Everdome's website for more experiences. - Head back to our web page here to browse custom-built spaces and partner events.

Find a space you like, copy the access code, and enter it in the launcher's "Enter space" option. If you can't decide on a particular space, choose "Surprise Me" from the main menu and be transported to a random space for an exciting adventure.

Navigating across Everdome's metaverse city is as simple as that. It is now fully yours to discover - welcome onboard.


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