November 23, 2022

Designing The Everdome Phoenix Rocket

Evernauts, as our Rocket Launch countdown grows nearer, with the Everdome team live streaming the event to the world via our YouTube channel, we take a brief look back at the creative process for our Everdome Phoenix rocket, from ideation and conceptualization through to the final experience.

We had a clear vision of how the Everdome experience should look. From the very start, we were focused on placing our experience in a believable setting. This means that Everdome creates using known scientific principles.

With these goals in mind, we began our first sketches of our project, and of the Everdome Phoenix rocket in particular. It was conceptualized as the vehicle which takes our Evernauts from the Earth to the larger interplanetary vessel, and then takes them from this vessel to a safe landing on the surface of Mars.

To stay true to our hyper-realistic vision, we consulted with space scientists, collaborating directly with Leszek Orzechowski, the conceptual space architect and his team at LunAres Research Station, a facility which provides space and infrastructure for complex research on the impact of long-term extra-terrestrial human presence.

From these collaborations, we were able to create a strong conceptual framework for the Everdome Phoenix, on which the Everdome team started to work to bring this concept to hyper-realistic life.

We added Concept artists and VFX artists to our team, who had previously worked for Netflix & other platforms, creating the effects for releases such as The Witcher. They gradually brought our concept to a VR reality.

Furthermore, we harnessed the power of storytelling, with our Metaverse world building team crafting the storyline in which our Everdome Phoenix rocket sits, and the basic essence of our Journey to Mars experience.

The upcoming launch is the result of many months of collaborative work from a uniquely skilled and balanced team, enabling Everdome to create a unique metaverse experience that we cannot wait to show to the world.

This Rocket Launch will be streamed live on our YouTube Channel for the world to see at 2pm CET on November 30th. Make sure not to miss it by subscribing now and prepare to witness the future.

Join us on November 30th to view the Maiden Launch of the Everdome Phoenix, and the first steps for mankind into a new way of experiencing the metaverse.


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