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March 9, 2023

Content Creation in the Metaverse - What is Metaverse Content?

Continuing with our Everdome Uncovered series, we dig a little into ideas of metaverse content, metaverse content spaces and some of the ways content creators can create inside the metaverse experience Everdome is building.

We consider content creators to be one of the future key foundations of a successful, widely popular metaverse.

At Everdome, we are building our hyper-realistic environment as a landscape to truly capture the imagination of a global community, and are working on tools to help enable a new generation of digital storytellers to create inside our Martian experience.

Indeed, projects will provide the basic landscapes, environments, technology and tools as a metaverse framework, but the individual creators will populate the many metaverse experiences with individual creations, rich detail and unique storytelling elements.

But what exactly is metaverse content?

Essentially it is any part of an immersive experience to be viewed, experienced or played within a totally digital environment.

An entirely digital world means that everything, from the virtual home you live in inside our Everdome City, to created experiences or products will be a content type. For content creators, digital artists and even brands or businesses, the metaverse represents a unique opportunity to reach and engage people.

Content creators building in the metaverse will no longer produce only two-dimensional content to be passively consumed. Instead, they will create fully immersive and interactive experiences.

Metaverse experiences or destinations such as Everdome will allow creators totally new mediums to work with to expand the quality of their creations.

Some key examples of metaverse native content will be as shown below:

V4 infographic.png

Virtual Worlds
In the Everdome experience, our virtual world encompasses the whole hyper-realistic world of space exploration and Mars civilization. It describes the entire Everdome experience. Other examples of virtual worlds would include Minecraft or Fortnite.

Virtual Destinations
These include digital places created by both platforms and users within Everdome City, for example our Hatta Spaceport, our Everdome City or even the individual creations made by landholders, brands or businesses inside their personal locations within our Martian civilization.

They can for example involve partner shopping experiences, or branded areas created by businesses for their audiences.

Virtual Experiences
Virtual experiences are one of the core metaverse content types. Virtual experiences can represent specific content that the user can ‘’play’’ or interact with in a more immersive way inside virtual destinations or virtual events.

Everdome’s upcoming Moon Skimmer adventure is one example of a virtual experience living inside a metaverse environment, as is the experience we are collaborating on with our partners, Alfa Romeo F1® Team, while interactive and immersive product showcases created by brands, museum expositions or user created locations are also good examples.

Virtual Real Estate
Our virtual selves will need a place to live. As with many other metaverse destinations, Everdome offered and successfully sold land spots for our community to own in the form of NFTs.

Users will be able to populate their land with a growing array of digital content, first created with Everdome’s builder which is scheduled for first looks later in 2023.

As in real life, you can rent your land to others, host events, create a living space decorated with virtual furniture or even build a business as an individual.

Live Events
Live events represent potentially one of the most transformative and unique content types in the metaverse. These can range from concerts, to immersive game/show hybrids.

For example, Travis Scott’s highly acclaimed Fortnite concert attracted 30 million unique participants for an immersive, 10-minute show.

As Everdome scales, our plan is to host numerous exclusive events created for and by our audience of users and brands and community of landholders.

Avatars & Accessories
Avatars are virtual representations of people or figures that populate the metaverse. Avatars will have their own possessions, habits and preferences. These can be seen as a unique form of self-expression that individuals can use to help reinvent their image.

These avatars can be created as NFTs and then augmented with clothing or other accessories, which we believe will bring a vibrant creator economy in itself.

Everdome’s Astro NFT was just a first step forward in this personalization of user experience in the metaverse, and we work on further concepts as we believe such personalization will become a vital component of metaverse content.

At the moment, Everdome works on creating the most basic building blocks to lay foundations for a future vibrant creator community and economy.

We create a hyper-realistic foundation environment while gradually building tools to help our community, users and brands or businesses personalize and create their own stories inside our world.

Everdome believes the metaverse is all about community. And a community is truly engaged when it has the ability to transform, effect and create the environment around them.

The team is working hard in 2023 to show you all first looks at our economy, builder and marketplace, all key components of content creation in the metaverse.

In our next article in the series, we will take a look at the essential basics of the Everdome metaverse experience as well our goals and vision as we build.


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