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Celebrating Everdome's Second Birthday

Today is Everdome's second birthday. And as we mark the second anniversary of Everdome's inception, our focus is fully on the future of our platform, community and a more powerful, equitable and immersive digital experience for all.

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Today is Everdome's second birthday. And as we mark the second anniversary of Everdome's inception, our focus is fully on the future of our platform, community and a more powerful, equitable and immersive digital experience for all.

Before we look to this bright future, let's take a quick look back at just some key events of the last twelve months.

Last autumn saw ‘’first boots on Mars’’ – with the release of our Mars Landing Experience to Everdome's entire Genesis NFT and landholding community. 


We revealed our Headquarters in Everdome City – an area for showcases, shared events & experiences.

We also introduced the core of Everdome City – our AI-driven Tree of Life, the heart of Everdome City’s digital civilization. 


On the way to Mars, we stopped off on the moon to launch our first 24-hour live in-experience game test.

The successful beta test of our Moon Skimmer Experience featured almost 9,000 games played & an average time spent in-experience equalled nearly 75 minutes per person. A great learning experience for future gamified experiences in Everdome City HQ.

We released the Alpha drop of our first Metaverse-as-a-Service product, Spaces, as we start to address improving accessibility to the metaverse for all.

This Alpha launch was well received by our community. And we quickly added support for creator templates and video media as we develop at speed.

A total of 248 Spaces were made – with our team and community creating an average of 2-3 Spaces per day. 2,700 minutes were spent inside Spaces in the last 30 days, as we continue to explore this new medium for digital creation.

Everdome crafted several bespoke Spaces, including an exclusive AMA for Binance Fan Token and BWT Alpine Team driver Pierre Gasly.

We also held our first CEO Community AMA direct from the metaverse – hosted in Spaces for select community members to join us live.

Stay tuned for more soon as we bring further partners, power and features to Spaces.


Everdome also expanded its community's coverage and support. To honour and express gratitude to our sizable Japanese community, we launched new Japanese language support channels on our Discord server.

We also continually presented our community with the opportunity to get involved, to live test our experiences and provide feedback on the platform. Evernauts were not only helping our development, but proving that web3 is a truly collaborative effort.

The 2nd year also presented Everdome with challenges to overcome, as we navigate a very dynamic market and technological landscape – rolling with changes to get $DOME listed on Bitget Exchange at lightning speed.

This is how we will succeed together. As a community and team, we never give up, pulling together to build, create, innovate and imagine a brave new digital world.

However, this birthday is all about the future. And we have powerful plans.

This year, we focus on product stability, scalability and global appeal . We will work on making our Martian home stable and easy to use.

We will deploy products that are quick to release, test and improve. Products with fast revenue potential and immediate use cases inside our Mars HQ.

Everdome aims to fill our new digital world with dynamic features and attractions. From interactive experiences to innovative functionalities, our goal is to offer a platform keeping users engaged and eager to explore the Everdome space.

We are currently also creating innovative and exciting AI & IP strategies to set the stage for user growth & audience expansion.

Everdome will actively recruit new pioneers in our Martian home, forge new strategic partnerships, and establish Everdome as a prominent player in the metaverse landscape.

Our team will make sure that we can all develop a thriving metaverse economy and grow together. With first looks on this economy coming very soon, we will explore use cases of our token with Spaces, foster economic activities within the platform and enhance the utility of $DOME for a robust ecosystem.

Burns have been part of this, with nearly 3.2 billion $DOME up in flames since the end of 2023 – and stay tuned for more fiery action sooner than you think.

We will soon release our key goals and vision for 2024, with Spaces, AI and Intellectual Property being a big part of the next steps to pioneer easier metaverse accessibility and grow our world.

Everdome thanks our community for relentlessly contributing as we build and thus – playing your part in speeding mass adoption of the metaverse.

We encourage you to keep exploring Everdome's world and ecosystem – as we work on a powerful release schedule for the next twelve months, as new ones will be rolled out this year.

Let's continue to imagine the metaverse differently together.

#ImagineTheMetaverseDifferently #EverdomeTurns2

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