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September 20, 2022

Astro NFT Collection Website Goes Live

Our upcoming Astro NFT collection represents the debut of the very first Everdome metaverse wearable.

As we finalize the last details of this 9,999 strong NFT collection, we are delighted to present the Astro NFT website, which includes preview details on their appearance, utilities & special elements, with a countdown to the drop soon to be added.

This Astro NFT collection will be available exclusively for Genesis Collection NFT holders and represents the first metaverse wearable inside the Everdome experience.

Each wearable NFT is one of a kind, with a degree of uniqueness related to the number of your Genesis NFT. To reward our most early adopters, the earlier your number, the more unique your Astro NFT will be.

Each NFT also enjoys distinct special elements and utilities specifically designed by our team of space scientists, designers and world builders to enhance the wearer’s Everdome experience.

These metaverse wearables represent a first step in the creation of the necessary supporting elements to enhance and perfect our immersive future interplanetary world.

They also showcase the rich detail which Everdome is building to create the most hyper-realistic metaverse experience possible. Take your first look below.

Celebrate this metaverse landmark with us, one of many to come for Everdome and its Evernauts. We are humbled by your support & patience while we perfect our debut metaverse wearable.

Astro NFT Collection drops soon. Stay tuned.



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