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September 21, 2022

Astro NFT Buyback and Burn Poll

As we continue seeking creative ways to reduce our circulating supply, our team had the idea that the upcoming drop of our Astro NFT collection could present a great opportunity to further reduce the supply of $DOME.

Everdome is committed to being a truly inclusive project and we want to provide our dedicated community with a voice and choice in the direction of Everdome wherever possible.

In this spirit, we have prepared a poll giving all Genesis NFT holders the right and opportunity to vote for adding costs to the imminent Astro NFT collection drop.

The upside?

If the community votes for adding costs to the Astro NFT collection, all proceeds will be used to BUYBACK & BURN. Voting is simple, and gives the decision over to the community.

Voting options:

  • $0* / NFT (you just cover gas fees)
  • $50* / NFT
  • $100* / NFT

*Paid in equivalent amount of ETH

We are fully aware of our previous statement that the Astro Collection will be free for all Genesis NFT holders. That’s why this is being put to all Genesis NFT holders to decide.

Whichever decision has been made by you at the end of the polling period will be transparently honored by the Everdome team. The choice is yours to make.

Voting guidelines:

We would be grateful if all Genesis Collection NFT holders would vote. This vote will take place in the tier-3 channel of Discord. The link for our Discord is .

You will need to connect your wallet to gain access to the voting area.

The poll will be placed there shortly, with all related announcements coming through Discord, so please head over there to get involved.

This poll will be active until 12 noon CEST on September 28th 2022. If less than 20% of holders vote, the poll will be declared void and the situation will remain unchanged from our previous position.

The final results of the poll will be published publicly, along with a time frame as to when the buyback and burn can take place.


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