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Announcing The Grand Opening of Everdome’s Mars Theater

Bringing Interactive Shows to the Metaverse

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We are delighted to announce our latest expansion of our metaverse destination, presenting the  8th floor of our Everdome City headquarters, which hosts our brand new Mars Theater.

Opening in just seven days time, this new location features a large cinema type screen allowing for deeper immersion - providing a home for interactive live events, film or music shows and much more.

Below the screen is a stage area where presenters can introduce the latest show, interact with the audience in question and answer sessions, or present the action live as it happens.

Accommodating just under one hundred people, the audience can take their seats across a lower level of seating, or enjoy a panoramic screen view from the balcony.

However, you don't have to remain seated. Movement is free inside our new Mars Theater, so all attendees can move around the room and interact freely with their fellow Evernauts.

Everdome will be presenting a rolling screening schedule, with shows starting every second hour throughout the day, so all our Evernauts will have the chance to take a seat and enjoy the show regardless of time zone.

We will shortly announce more details of this screening schedule and access times. At the theater door, you will be able to discover the full schedule - or take a quick preview of upcoming content on the screen near the entrance.

Prepare yourself for these further interactive presentations inside the metaverse as Everdome continues to add features, areas and spaces to our growing metaverse city on Mars.


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