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November 11, 2022

Announcing Lucian Hebristean as Everdome's New Head of Community

Evernauts, please join us in congratulating Lucian Hebristean on his promotion as Everdome’s new Head of Community.

As a key member of the Everdome moderation team since day one, Lucian has been an integral part in dealing with our community’s issues and questions as they arise, while also helping our project grow by channeling vitally important feedback from the community to the whole team.

Lucian will lead all community moderation and management, having an important part to play in guiding how we explain Everdome’s vision, goals and developments to the world as we improve the quality and quantity of our messaging.

Everdome is committed to helping our most talented team members grow inside the company, and we are excited to give Lucian a greater role, as he has constantly gone the extra mile to help our community and add huge value to our project.

In his own words, Lucian states:

“Our community has a vital role to play in building awareness of our product and mission, nurturing brand loyalty and providing the feedback which will make the Everdome metaverse exponentially more powerful.

Join us in welcoming Lucian as an official member of the Everdome team as we continue to improve our team in preparation for an impactful 2023.


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