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Alvara Return to Everdome for their Second in-Metaverse AMA

Delighted to welcome Alvara Protocol back for their second interactive visit to our Metaverse World.

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Pleased to announce our second exclusive interactive AMA with Alvara Protocol, trailblazers in decentralized finance - happening live and direct from the metaverse.

Alvara's AMA takes place inside Everdome City HQ -  all can join their bespoke metaverse space to not only watch the AMA, but interact directly with the Alvara team as they work to shape the future of finance.

Their Head of Business Development,  Joey van Etten will be present to discuss topics including transition in Alvara's Development Team, the upcoming and much awaited Alvara roadmap, as well as presenting first looks at their new community structure.

All the guests attending Alvara's AMA will have a chance to ask their burning questions through voice or text chat on these topics and more around a decentralized future of finance - and get answers in real time.

All Evernauts joining the space will also be able to interact with other web3 enthusiasts and blockchain believers in an immersive virtual setting - presented by Everdome.

The AMA will take place inside Alvara’s exclusive AMA space on Thursday, June 13th at 5pm CET - live in Everdome's metaverse destination.

Mark your calendars, prepare your questions, and come to explore the future of digital finance with Everdome and Alvara.


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