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August 9, 2023

A Metaverse Landscape - The Enterprise Metaverse

In the third of our five part series on the metaverse landscape, we dig into Everdome’s definition of the Enterprise Metaverse.

An Enterprise Metaverse destination should enable business growth opportunities for an enterprise. While, as with the Industrial Metaverse, our definition of the Enterprise Metaverse solves real life issues through metaverse destinations and experiences, it is much more focused on organization management, and relationship development.

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This focus can take several forms, including immersive virtual spaces to promote their products, tools or services, destinations that help enterprises to connect with their employees, partners. customers or other stakeholders, or metaverse constructs that look to solve real world organizational issues for the enterprise. 

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Examples include Customer Experience & Support, where product demonstrations, support and troubleshooting can be built directly inside a metaverse destination or experience - becoming part of the environment.

The user or customer would be able to access support or information directly from avatars of customer service agents, providing a more seamless and immersive user experience. Indeed, the customer service provider Helpshift is already developing their product promising support without leaving a VR experience.

The Enterprise Metaverse will have a powerful effect on advertising, marketing and sales for multiple organizations, allowing innovative and powerful methods of audience engagement and user acquisition.

Everdome’s exploration of an enterprise metaverse partnership when powering their OKX Collective Metaverse destination was one example of this, demonstrating how an unusual and immersive experience can be used to active or combine audiences - in this case that of OKX and their sporting partners, Manchester City.

Gamified advertising and marketing will play an increasing role. Imagine engaging with specific metaverse users advertisements as in-destination product placements. Marketing campaigns inside the metaverse can be used to reward consumers for performing a certain action within targeted metaverse destinations.

Ongoing professional and vocational training is also a key use case for the Enterprise Metaverse landscape. While it may initially seem that metaverse based workforce training is very close to training held in web3, the key takeaways are as follows.

Digital twins can further enhance workforce training by providing employees with synchronous 3D replicas of real-world environments and products, improving learning and development.

Furthermore, some organizations require their employees to possess sufficient experience and practical skills to reduce related risks, to themselves or others, with firefighters, paramedics and other high risk professions clearly benefiting from immersive, realistic yet safe training methods.

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This last use case has a very clear interaction with the Industrial and Educational Metaverse environments, and ultimately should work together synergistically. It demonstrates the overlap between these different metaverse landscapes, showing how different areas of this new web3 environment will complement each other.

Everdome sees its involvement with the Enterprise Metaverse landscape as coming from our work in creating unusual, immersive environments for brands to engage their audiences, as seen in our work with OKX or Alfa Romeo.

We have also created metaverse masterclasses for the UAE government and their Jahiz initiative to upskill their employees ready for a web3 future.

Finally, Everdome is also exploring how interactive marketing and advertising can take its place within our hyper-realistic metaverse environment.

Join us for the next article, where we take a closer look at the Consumer Metaverse.


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