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September 14, 2022

100 Million $DOME Burnt

As promised on September 1st,  TenseT founders continued with their pledge of burning their $DOME holdings, demonstrating their ongoing belief in the Everdome product and vision.

TenseT have passed 100M of their locked $DOME, which was subsequently burnt. Adding to the initial 575M $DOME burnt at the beginning of the month.

$DOME burn đŸ‘‰ 

This brings their current total of burnt $DOME to 675M. A further 100M is scheduled to be burnt as it unlocks, emphasizing the support from TenseT’s leadership team in helping Everdome towards its goals.

In combination with $DOME burns from our eight successful land sale events, this action further reduces the total circulating supply of $DOME for the benefit of all Everdome project stakeholders.


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