May 12, 2023

‘’RED PLANET’’ - Bonus Single from Everdome’s Original Metaverse Soundtrack Released

Today sees the release of ‘’RED PLANET''- a bonus and final single drop from Everdome’s Original Metaverse Soundtrack, commissioned as the world's first dedicated metaverse musical score.

Landing just before the full album release which coincides with a live debut at the Krakow Film Music Festival (FMF), ‘’RED PLANET'' has been composed to accompany our upcoming Mars landing event, augmenting the experience of our first arrival on Martian soil.

Possessing a sweeping and evocative electronic vibe, ‘’RED PLANET'' is a change of pace from the up-tempo beats of ‘’Phobos'', our previous single, bringing Everdome’s musical journey to a majestic conclusion while expanding on the cinematic and symphonic atmospheres of our first two single releases.

Listen to the track here.

This full album numbers ten tracks in total, and will be available on all major streaming services. Everdome’s Original Metaverse Soundtrack will also make its live debut during the Film Music Festival in Krakow on Thursday 25th of May, as part of their ‘’Out of Space’’ science fiction theme, with a full-orchestra conducted by Sir Dirk Brossé and accompanied by an exclusive Everdome visual performance.

The full Everdome OST track list is created to accompany different parts of our metaverse experience, and is as follows:

Hatta Sunrise
Godspeed Phoenix
The Cycler
Jezero Crater
Red Planet
Tree of Life
A New Home
Solar Storm
Everdome City

Created by composer and music producer, Wojciech Urbański, mixed and mastered by sound engineer Rafał Smoleń (Cyberpunk 2077, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt), "RED PLANET" is the final single release before the full album drops on the 26th of May.

Everdome believes that this soundtrack will become a benchmark standard for metaverse music creation, signaling our intent to create the most immersive, original experience for our Martian metaverse visitors and digital pioneers.

Released by Urbanski’s Dyspensa Records label, and distributed by Universal Music, ‘’RED PLANET’’ is available from the 12th of May 2023 on all major music distribution platforms including Spotify, Tidal and YouTube.


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